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Seed/Cutting Collection

 The process of collecting seeds or cuttings from existing trees requires labor and time. Costs may include wages for workers, equipment (such as collection bags or containers), and transportation to reach different collection sites.

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Nursery Labor and Maintenance

The ongoing care and maintenance of the nursery, including watering, monitoring, pest control, and disease prevention, involve labor costs. Skilled workers or trained volunteers may be required for these tasks.

Soil and Growing Medium

Providing suitable soil or growing medium in the nursery for the seeds or cuttings is crucial. Costs may include purchasing or preparing soil mixes, fertilizers, and amendments to create optimal growing conditions.

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Seed/Cutting Preparation

Depending on the species, some seeds or cuttings may require specific treatments for successful germination. This can involve pre-treatments like scarification or stratification, which may require additional equipment or supplies.

Nursery Infrastructure

Setting up a nursery to germinate and nurture the collected seeds or cuttings involves costs. This may include constructing or renting greenhouse structures, purchasing containers or trays, installing irrigation systems, and providing appropriate shading or lighting.

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