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A special thank you to 
Manjula Jonnalagadda and Gordon Irlam. 
I would not have made it in so many ways without your support, compassion and care.  Thank you so much for your participation in my life in so many levels.  You have helped me mentally, spiritually and physically.  I am very grateful.  

- With deep appreciation, Sarah

about arbolitos.

Have you ever woken up and thought my life can do something better? There has to be something more? I want to make a difference?

We invite you to come engage + get involved with us at Guardian Farm. We have hosted over a 100 volunteers from around the planet, for free, so they can help our stewardship projects.  If you cannot volunteer, 100% of your financial support, less banking fees goes directly to the project.  

Our reforestation project mimics the natural pattern of the cloud forest in the area and includes supportive plants.  For the last several years we hike around and collect seeds and cuttings by hand. We then raise these little trees in our tree nursery. We grow fruit trees, local trees including rare hardwoods that are in danger of extinction and plants. Biodiversity is important here, many many types of plants can thrive in the area we are in and species preservation and diversification is of great importance to us.  Over time we intend to grow our efforts.  

We are not just tree planters.  We care deeply about the health and well being of the planet and all life within it.  Here we do the best we can to apply and teach many practices especially about soil health.  We work with biochar, hugelkulture, permaculture practices, aquaponics, compost tea, composting, currently we are building vermiculture beds.  We build pollinator reserves for butterflies and bees.  The depth of what we do daily is lived in experience and listed above is just some of what we are doing.

For the last 4 years I have donated the majority of my excess income to collecting seeds, cuttings, planting trees and taking care of the earth and life within it.  We have a great model, and have opportunities to reforest and plant several areas of land - right now over 3,200 hectares.  Last year we planted thousands of trees, including in our local bee keeping community who lost 75 hives and all their forest in a fire.  We do this for free because I am planting for the future of our planet and the children in it. Can we grow together? 

In time we will add gps tracking so people can monitor their trees, maps, detailed info for carbon offsets for companies that are interested in participating.   

Feel free to email me directly, call me if you are interested in our methods. Reach out and I can share what your donation can do - we are absolutely transparent.  Come visit and you can help us in the field - see how your donation makes an impact - we are happy to host you.

With Love,

Sarah A. Sherman

founder - arbolitos.

+51 910 720 139

+1 408 335 7378



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